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At today’s cross country invitational, my most reluctant runner finally (finally!) admitted that the race was fun!

There’s something really wonderful about sharing – whether it’s a story, an experience, or knowledge. It’s all for that moment when their eyes lit up, their speech becomes very animated, and their smile is uneraseable.

Maybe that’s why I love teaching, coaching, and writing so much; I live in hope for those moments.



It was a spontaneous trip to a place we’d been once before, and a place we’ll return to again and again.

You can be sure that any trip that starts with “why not?” will be a good one. There was no real reason to cross two state lines for a day trip to Maine. I’ve found that “just because” is sometimes the best reason of all.

This weekend I enjoyed the Jason Mraz concert from the lawn at the Comcast Center in Boston. With little sleep but a joy-filled heart, I raced the Hyannis Sprint II Triathlon in the morning. The ocean swim was choppy, the bike and run courses hilly — but the feeling hasn’t changed: I just love the sport. 

A concert by my favorite musician then competing in my favorite sport all within a 12 hour time span? Pure bliss. 

“You don’t need a vacation when there’s nothing to escape from” — Jason Mraz

It is the second day of school, and I’m walking up and down the aisles of students in my classroom to spot check homework. One student forgot his.

Student: “It’s in my locker.”

Me: “Bring it to me after school, but it will be marked late.”

S: “Late?! Really??”

M: “Yes.”

S: “Are you serious?”

M: “Yes.”

S: “Are you sure about that?”

M: “Yes.”

S: “Are you a proton?”

I laughed.

It was so simple, so subtle, so smart.

And after my uncharacteristic wariness to the start of a new school year, it was enough to make me think this is going to be a good year.

Adirondacks, NY

[At the peak of Mt. Crane in Adirondacks, NY]

The worst part about hiking is the first steps on your way down. Savor those precious few moments at the top – the ones you spent hours climbing, up and up and up, to have your breath taken away at the sight of your world below you. Close your eyes and walk away from the view. Work your way back down the mountain, back to your real life.

Sometimes life takes things from you, and it’s heartbreaking. But other times – times like this – you work hard, you earn your time at the top, and then you have to know when it is your time to leave.

Life is transitory and glory has its limits; you’ve got to learn when to let one experience end so that you don’t miss out on others. There are always more more climbs to ascend, more mountains to conquer.