Last night at about 9pm, I – along with some of my triathlon training buddies – swam around the Seal Beach pier. For safety precautions, we fixed flashing red lights to our goggle straps. The waves were probably about 2 feet, but seem much bigger when you can’t see them coming because it’s so dark. The water was a warm 67 degrees F.


There were many people walking along the beach and fishing on the pier; their reactions were a mix of “that’s insane” and “that’s really awesome” all at the same time. It’s amazing how often those two sentiments can be interchangeable.

At the end of the pier, I floated on my back and gazed up at the stars: summer’s last hurrah.



Night swim


It was a fun summer night; an annual event for our group of friends.

What are your favorite traditions with your friends or family?